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Here at Mt. Akagi,the frost has come and a strong dry wind is blowing.
From now, the air will become even drier than in autumn, so hot soups
and Japanese-style clay-pot meals ("nabe-mono") are recommended of
course, but it is even more important to take care to drink good
quality water. First, slowly take one mouthful of water, and then
discard the water. Then, drink water little by little as if you are
eating it, and the body will be able to absorb the water more easily.

If your feet become chilled, or your head is fatigued, taking a
footbath feels good, and you will feel relaxed and reassured. If you
become chilled to the stomach, take a leg bath. It is a busy month,
but please be creative and have a comfortable and healthy December.

12 month Seitai practices for excessive sensitivity to coldness”
You can recover your health
by simple practices by yourself.
“Seitai Method of Self-healing for Women
--Regaining the Natural Body”
“Seitai Method of the Woman's Body”
Media Factory, 2012
Sony Magazines, 2007 Nanatsumori Shokan, 2003

Recommended reading
A must-read book for what is occurring now

The following is the book I recommend most strongly now. 
I recommend it as a must-read book.

The Road to a Nation for International Peace and the Environment
by Shohei Nomura (Mamizu-Shuppan, 2008)


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