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Even in the cold and north wind at Mt. Akagi, the daytime is becoming longer day by day. In the clear air, I feel the indescribable bright and glittering warmth. In the depths of the soil, preparations have begun for spring.
Like the pussy willow buds and plum blossom buds, the internal workings of the body have begun preparations for the spring. In the body which is going towards spring, the back of the head (occipital) begins to open one side at a time, followed by the opening of the shoulder blades (scapula). The spine also begins to move from inside, and before long, in March, the pelvis will open. Please feel the internal rhythm of the beginning of this year's body.

12 month Seitai practices for excessive sensitivity to coldness”
You can recover your health
by simple practices by yourself.
“Seitai Method of Self-healing for Women
--Regaining the Natural Body”
“Seitai Method of the Woman's Body”
Media Factory, 2012
Sony Magazines, 2007 Nanatsumori Shokan, 2003

Recommended reading
A must-read book for what is occurring now

The following is the book I recommend most strongly now. 
I recommend it as a must-read book.

The Road to a Nation for International Peace and the Environment
by Shohei Nomura (Mamizu-Shuppan, 2008)


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