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About our Master: Haruchika Noguchi

Seitai‐life School
Learn the wisdom of the body, and nurture the body

Autumn presents the best opportunity for
improving the condition of the body. Stretching the legs and back of
the knees, rotate the feet (from the outside toward the inside) at the
ankles, and loosen the ankles, knees and hip areas. As the knees
become supple and relieved of tension, you will regain youthfulness.
As the ankles become supple, it will prevent stumbling, and the hips
will also become more flexible. In the beginning of autumn, if your
feet become chilled, spread apart the space between the third and
fourth toes, and stretch the hip area so that you feel the connection
from the toes to the hips. Then, take a foot bath. The hips will
regain suppleness, and the hips and spine will become warm. More
women are suffering from chills these days, partly due to
air-conditioning, and this technique is very effective.

12 month Seitai practices for excessive sensitivity to coldness”
You can recover your health
by simple practices by yourself.
“Seitai Method of Self-healing for Women
--Regaining the Natural Body”
“Seitai Method of the Woman's Body”
Media Factory, 2012
Sony Magazines, 2007 Nanatsumori Shokan, 2003

Recommended reading
A must-read book for what is occurring now

The following is the book I recommend most strongly now. 
I recommend it as a must-read book.

The Road to a Nation for International Peace and the Environment
by Shohei Nomura (Mamizu-Shuppan, 2008)


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